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Larry Jaeger is an expert Medical,Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatologist and the Medical Director at Advanced Dermatology Associates in New York. He is board certified and provides treatments and therapies for all skin,hair and nail disorders including the following more common Dermatology Treatments for diseases and skin, hair and nail disorders.


Treating New Yorker’s Skin Conditions:

Acne, Dermal Fillers, Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin Rashes, Laser Treatments, Hair Loss, Chemical Peels, Cysts, Botox, Herpes, Seborrhea, Birthmarks, VD & STDs, Skin Cancer, Vitilgo, Warts, Skin Cancer, Skin Growths, Genital Warts, Skin Allergies, Nail Disorders, Mole Removal, Collagen, Red Spots, Torn & Split, Earlobe Repair, Laser Peels, Aging Skin, Tumors & Growths, White & Dark Spots, Complexion Problems, Laser Treatments, Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Skin Surgery, PRP Therapy

Advanced Dermatological Treatments

Whether you suffer from unsightly acne or more serious types of Dermatological skin disorders, our professional team at Advanced Dermatology Associates wants to help. Depending on the level of severity your skin condition is, we will determine whether you can behair-loss-treatment- PRP-Dermatology-Treatmentsnefit from our medical, cosmetic, or surgical treatments. We offer Manhattan and the Bronx dermatology services in addition to a variety of products that can treat a wide range of conditions.

Dr. Larry Jaeger owns and manages five treatment centers across New York City with four locations in The Bronx and one location on Central Park South in Midtown Manhattan. A large percentage of the Advanced Dermatology Associates practice is dedicated to serving medical dermatology patients suffering from a wide range of conditions from melanomas and shingles to acne and eczema. Many of Dr Jaeger’s patients are indigent and have difficulty affording the expensive medications required to treat their conditions. With this in mind, Dr. Lawrence Jaeger also developed a line of prescriptive treatments tailored for this low income demographic. Shop Advanced Dermatology Treatments.

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Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is a member of the following organizations:

American Osteopathic Association
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology
American Medical Association
American Phlebotomy Association
Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons